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We finish the semester with a laugh, or at least I hope so. This week I have asked you to listen to the original radio version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or alternatively, to some Firesign Theater, the masters of absurdist specualtive audio. As with the other genres we have studied this semester, reading comic uses of genre codes serves as an excellent way to become more aware of those codes, their limits and often their absurdist qualities. This week's featured film is Idiocracy an increasingly popular cult favorite that uses tropes of science fiction and the rhetorical figure of exaggeration to make visible a number of the inherent contradictions and fallacies of our current cultural assumptions. This highlights one of the larger roles that science fiction plays in our society and reminds us that science fiction is really never about the future but always about the present.

The recent television series Braindead, available for streaming is also an excellent near future sci-fi parody of current politics. 

Next week I will begin meeting you indivdiually for your final reviews. Please remember to post on your blog any responses to works you have read this semester. Be sure to complete the online course evaluation. 

Several of you have requested to do your final review at the end of this week's class, make sure you have everything posted to your blog by Wednesday evening and make sure I have an active link to your blog on the course blog page.

Here is a link to the assignment page in the course syllabus.


Thanks ya gan, sangat membantu. Kunjungi juga ya kumpulan data akuntansi dan ekonomi

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